About Us

The Children's Clinic offers a variety of pediatric services for children and adolescents. It is our sincere desire to provide all patients with the finest medical care possible. We pride ourselves in treating each patient as an individual and look forward to assisting you with your medical needs, including preventative or acute care. The Children's Clinic is staffed by a pediatrician 7 days a week and has extended hours in the evening to accommodate acute care needs.

Various historical benchmarks and various facilities

The founders of the Children's Clinic, George Nelson, John Whittinghill and Paul Crellin met while in medical school at the Children's Hospital in Denver in the late 1940's. Nelson was from Rockford, IL, Whittinghill, a Helena native, and Crellin was from Nebraska.

Dr. Nelson and Dr. Whittinghill started a private practice in Billings in 1950. Dr. Crellin was in the Korean War and the chief resident at Denver Children's Hospital before moving to Billings in 1953 with the express purpose of working with both Dr. Nelson and Dr. Whittinghill. They decided to start a practice together and called it The Children's Clinic. The clinic was located near downtown in the old Matt Woodrow building while a building at 1224 N. 28th Street was under construction. The Children's Clinic moved to the 28th Street location in January of 1954.

The three pediatricians practiced together for 10 years, before Dr. Nelson left to continue his career. Dr. Whittinghill and Dr. Crellin worked together for the next two years until Dr. Nick Yenko joined the practice in 1966. Dr. Whittinghill retired when he reached 65 years of age. Later, he taught pediatrics to family practice residents at the University of Michigan. Dr. Whittinghill died in 1995.

In 1990 Dr. Crellin retired from the Children's Clinic and started the Child Study Center. Later he worked at the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch. Many parents, who came here as children, are now bringing their children to the clinic.

The clinic started out with one receptionist and two RN's. Today the Children's Clinic has grown to 25 employees and 11 providers. Dr. Rick Stevens has recently retired after 39 years of service to the children of Billings and Montana. Dr. Marian Kummer became the clinic's first female pediatrician in 1981. Dr. Kummer continues to practice at the clinic. The Children's Clinic moved to the Medical Arts North location in August, 1997. In addition to continuing to serve children in our current location at 1232 N. 30th, we are proud to carry the tradition of excellence in pediatric care to our location at 3401 Ave. E.

Services provided for pediatric patients

We offer a variety of pediatric services for patients 21 years of age or younger. Each of our physicians is board-certified in pediatrics and knowledgeable of community resources and regional subspecialists to provide your family with comprehensive, coordinated care. Dr. Laura Nicholson provides specialty care for children with developmental problems. In addition, our international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) Lesli Gould, provides mothers with personalized breastfeeding assistance. Although all of our pediatricians provide care to adolescents, Jean Braden, our nurse practitioner, specializes in adolescent care.

Changes in flow that will effect care in both facilities

Two Convenient Locations
We are pleased to offer pediatric services in two locations. Our downtown location will be open daily and will also maintain evening and weekend hours for acute care. The West end location will be open Monday through Friday. The weekend and extended hours are primarily for acute care and occasional newborn check-ups.

Smaller waiting rooms, well/sick patient--Pod concept to personalize care
Both Children's Clinic locations are designed with patient comfort in mind. We have architecturally designed the spaces to reduce the anxiety of both the patient and the parent. Each waiting room features a smaller, more intimate environment. The service model is to room patients in a timely fashion so as to lessen waiting times and provide a smaller, more inviting experience. The waiting rooms will each have soothing colors and decor along with a view of a fish aquarium separating a well side and sick side for waiting patients.

Continue to prepare patients for healthy life-long living and proactive medical care beyond adolescence
We are consistently proactive and encourage well-child visits at scheduled intervals. We suggest that adolescent patients schedule a physical along with the administration of the recommended immunizations prior to entering the 7th grade. We also advocate health maintenance examinations for high-school aged students.